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Anouradha Goburdhun Bakshi

Anouradha Goburdhun Bakshi

The descendent of an indentured labour and a freedom fighter's daughter, Anouradha Goburdhun Bakshi was born in Prague in 1952 and raised in the numerous cities where her diplomat father was posted. At 16 she returned to India, where she completed her studies and obtained a masters In French. She qualified for the IAS examination but preferred to follow a different path. Fluent in French she was Assistant professor in Jawaharlal Nehru university for a few years. After marriage in 1974 to a young executive, she pursued a career as an interpreter and conference manager working for the likes of Indira Gandhi, Jacques Chirac, and many others. The loss of her parents and the last words of her father "Don't lose faith in India' made her question the validity of an almost perfect life in an India were things were wrong. After a period of retrospection and the realisation that many 'why's needed to be answered she decided to find some of the answers by setting up project why in 1998 Today project why reaches out to over 1500 slum children and women When told in early days that the task was overwhelming her answer was simple and direct. If I can change one life I will have succeeded. In the past 18 years has been doing just that transforming lives one at a time I have lost count she says with a smile But it is my life that has truly changed.

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