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ROBI CHAKRABORTY PHOTOGRAPHY - Early Works - Mughal fort in Agra

Mughal fort in Agra

Mughal fort in Agra

I went to Fathepur Sikri, an old Mughal fort in Agra, in 1982. As I explored the Fort, I landed up in the backside which was out of bounds for tourists. There, I came across this Sufi man sitting and meditating. He saw me take his picture and asked me where I was from. He was happy to know that I was from Bengal. Later he told me he had walked all the way across the country from East Bengal (now Bangladesh) and landed up in Agra. The village folks took a liking to him and he became their spiritual advisor. He took me around that village and the village folks treated me to sweets, tea, and biscuits. I was touched because I was a Hindu and they were Muslims but it did not seem to matter. Later, I moved to the US and often thought of my meeting with him. When I went back 22 years later, I went looking for him. After inquiring about the Bengali baba, which was his nickname, they told me he had passed away and they had burried him next to the Minaret. The Minaret I was told was in memory of Emperor Akbar's elephant. I payed my respect at the shrine and clicked some more photos. Not everyone gets a burial in a national monument.

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Rani Wilfred
May 10th 2017

Robi, this is one of my favourite photographs. You have indeed captured the serenity of the moment.


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