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Megha Koli Chef

Megha Koli Chef

Megha Kohli is one of the country’s youngest chefs. Currently the head chef of Lavash By Saby, the first Armenian restaurant in India in Delhi’s artsy Mehrauli area which has created quite a buzz, Megha has already garnered an experience of ten years in the industry at this young age. Megha began her career at the age of 17 with the Oberoi group of Hotels and Resorts and spent 5 years with this prestigious hotel group. Post this she ventured into the realm of fine dining and joined The Olive Beach in New Delhi. It was here that she met and worked under her mentor, Chef Sabyasachi Gorai. She then worked with Chef Saby in Olive and then in his own consultancy company Fabrica and finally became the head Chef of Lavaash by Saby in 2015. She worked on this concept with Chef Saby since its inception and researched on Armenian and Calcutta cuisine for 3 years before the restaurant opened. She also travelled to Calcutta and interacted with various Armenians during this research. Known for her very warm and affable nature, Megha is a popular name in the industry now. She loves to interact with her guests and rattle off the history behind each dish she serves. She wants her guests to know just how much thought , effort and research have gone into the preparation of each dish. Megha’s mantra , however is, that cooking is an emotional process and not a technical one. You can serve the most exotic of perfectly prepared dishes, but if you haven’t connected with the food while making it, it’s an effort gone waste.

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