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My Camera and Me

My earliest memory of my love affair with the camera began in Kenya where my father allowed me to play with his Yashica twin-lens reflex. Things which unravel out of your childhood are destined to stay with you for life, often biding their time until they emerge out of the shadows to become the only pathway.

Next, in Kathmandu, he bought me a Chinese-made plastic camera, my first. All I did for a few days, was have the back open, lick the shutter and watch in wonder. None of the above actually amounted to me clicking any shots. It has been a journey off learning discovery and exhilaration since then. Photography, as a passion you fuel, consumes you and transforms you on a tangible level, making a wanderer without without a timetable, out of you. I could not have prayed anything better.

Robi Chakraborty Photography

My Journey

I have consciously escaped being branded, being put into a box, being defined and being labelled. My photography is as spontaneous and instinctive as breathing. In the moment, on the go, as life happens. Life unfolding naturally without pausing for the camera. Giving you no time to make the action freeze. Capturing the essence as much as I possibly could in that flashy fraction of a second. There is no set pattern, there are no conscious efforts to put together a collection. They are just windows which open to me quietly during my sojourns amongst people, into nature and often away from everything.


India is the place of my birth. Where I originate from and identify strongly with. It is like that old yester year song which is embranded on your soul forever. You can travel the world, but its lilting, haunting melody, draws you by the hands and leads you back, yet again. The voices, the people, the warmth of welcome, the pleasure of just being. You have crowds milling around you, yet you can choose to be alone. You are alone, but never. When I am away, I long to be here. When I am here, I am complete for the moment. India never stops beckoning, and I never stop returning.


People move me the most. The lives of years dwell still, in the lines etched on old faces. The glimmer and sparkle of hope in the eyes of the children. That resolve and determination to survive, which makes home in those with so-called lesser means. They are no heroes less.The simple acceptance of the little hamlet's residents. The clamour of the huge family travelling in a train. The subtle merger of a human silhoutte into that of the farway mountains. Men, women, the aged, the young, the happy, the broken. These are make up the kaleidoscope of my human colours. I am inspired by humans. They move me.


Places, for me, as as alive as the people they hold in their gamut. Places fascinate me. Every place has its marked cadence, its vivid signature and unmistakable personality. I sense the soul of a place from afar, as I approach closer, I see its houses, hear its sounds, smell its scents and behold the faces. Be it the glory of riotous colours of Rajasthan, as against the muted beiges of its daytime sands, or the magnificent line-up of the Himalayas which change hues and shadows with every passing hour, every place leaves me transformed and changed in an irreversible way. And I miss it even as I withdraw deep into the distance away from it.


There have been occassions when my camera has been called upon to execute some commercial photography, and I would only consider myself complemented for the same. My passion for photography often invites corporates to approach me to undertake a project with them. It is critical to be able to translate the vision of the client into photographic justice. It can be extremely exhilerating to create a tangible connect with a body of work, which is creative and innovative, to understand the perspective of another, or a collective one, without diluting your photographic sensibility.

Photo Safari

Photo-safaris are a journey unto themselves. I am looking forward to take up photo-safaris into the best of the wildlife sanctuaries in India which promote tourism. There is no better celebration than allowing oneself to enjoy the grandeurs of nature, to see the majesty of the wild, the truly-free, in their natural habitat. To marvel at their beauty and the sanctity of the deep forests. If you are like-minded and would like to travel with me to discover nature's beauty, and capture the magnitude of her creations in your camera, do connect with me. Of course, needless to say, sensibility matters.

The Photographer of the Year award at the 6th annual International Color Awards London 2013

Bronz award Color Magazine Single image contest 2010


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Ist Place Under People INTERNATIONAL PHOTO AWARDS, 2013 under People,Wedding LA, CA, USA

Street fashion Chicago

2nd Place - Merit of Excellence

Award Winning Photographs

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Most great artists have an unmistakable signature style. It's developed over time, but at its core is a look or feel or tendency or sound that is innate. It's imprinted, not learned. The repeatable high craft comes with study and practice, but the essence of the vision, the point of view, the singular signature is just "there". It always emerges. The intuitive capture of design and color and content. It's magic. Witness just a handful of Robi Chakraborty's best color photographs, and you'll know for sure the next time you see one.
Jeff Harrington
Executive Director, The MPLS Photo Center
Each time I see Robi Chakraborty’s photography I am moved by the humanity and powerful design. They are so alive they often make me feel that I am sitting there in the middle of the moment. That ability to make people feel what the subject feels is extraordinary and the envy of all photographers. It takes an artist that has a great deal of empathy to not only to understand it but to be able to convey it to other people each time.
Joseph Giannetti
Minneapolis based Artist/Photographer
From deserts to mountains… from inner cities to fishing villages Robi Chakraborty's fascinating and expressive photography brings to us exotic distant lands and cultures. Each photo has a story to tell which shows of his compassion for nature and humanity. Each photo is a prayer... a devotion! Robi is an exceptional artist! The fisherman's daughter Jalpari… the song of the desert… many, many more photos are like poetry to be remembered. I wish him good luck!
Sikander Mir
Artist & Poetess, Spain
Robi Chakraborty's photography brings the viewer into a different realm. His landscape photography draws the viewer in, with compositions, shadows, and light, that are aesthetically pleasing and brilliantly executed. His beautiful photos of the people of India are full of vivid colour, rich textures, and interesting angles, details, and backgrounds. He is an artist, whose portraits convey the emotions and the essence of such beautiful people. Robi makes a connection with the people in his photos, capturing their personalities, culture, lifestyles, and traditions, thru the talented use of his camera lens.
Lori Kamyk
Robi is a photographer with a lot of heart. Ever since I’ve known him from the early ‘80’s, he had a camera hung around his neck, the best he could afford then! He never missed an opportunity to shoot whatever caught his quick roving eye. He has since come a long way from the stunning black and white street photos to capturing the very essence and culture of people all over the world especially in India with an amazing play of light and shadow of colours. He has travelled extensively into the heartlands of our country giving us sensitive insights into the lives of children and people, weather in villages or urban cities. Women have been a major focus where one can see into the very depths of their soul, engaged in their daily tasks.The multitude of rewards, awards and accolades he has received in plenty but he remains a simple and kind hearted soul. I wish him all the very best going forward.
Sanchita Dasgupta
Alum NID '76-82, Industrial Design | Textiles